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4th June 2020

Best of IT defenses cannot protect you

An Organization can protect their digital assets, which are production systems, servers; several network devices and so on, by implementing firewalls

2nd June 2020

Handling cybersecurity in Agile product development lifecycle

Many of us think that developing an agile model requires lot of time and resources.Even in Today’s virtual world after this pandemic, many companies try to face issues...

1st June 2020

Common Cyber Security Threats In Manufacturing Industry

A couple of decades before, security was meant like “none should steal my computer or mobile” i.e., More of a physical appand so has the meaning for security

28th May 2020

How to choose the right security provider

In last decade, companies and individuals have seen the real impact of cyber security threats from all industries and even related to government.

27th May 2020

How to educate vendor management team in selecting the right vendors for securing

Vendor management enables an ongoing development of the third-party vendors through frequent collaboration....

27th April 2020

Why large organizations suffer frequent cyber-attacks than smaller ones?

We often feel lazy or forget to carry things to our office. So, we need everything to be in our machine and due to lack of space.

29th April 2020

Evolution of Ransomware and the trends in 2020

Nowadays the biggest danger that we come across and also something that we are about to face in future is The cyber threat the crime that happens via internet and technology.

27th April 2020

Training Employees on Social Engineering Attacks

Amateurs Hack Systems, Professionals Hack People According to this saying, Social Engineering is a security term that may be mostly heard around in corporate offices.

14th April 2020

A Deep Dive into SAML-SSO Security Testing Approach

SAML the Security Assertion Markup Language was created by an organization known as OASIS.Nowadays applications make use of the latest version of SAML 2.0.

3rd April 2020

Data Protection in India

In India, there was a dramatic change in the last one decade with the latest trends and technologies implemented in the Government Bodies / Corporate Sectors and data has been transmitted through different channels

7th April 2020

Beware Your Unused Modem or Hardware can Leak Your Critical Data

We will all be familiar with the attack surfaces in web,mobile,network and cloud technologies but haven’t you heard about the hardware

10th March 2020

Security Challenges in React and Interact-RFID

RFID is a device which works basically on the electromagnetic waves. Its operating frequency varies from 135KHz - 5.8GHZ microwave and these are closely coupled circuits.

3rd October 2018

Host Header Attack

Most commonly many web servers are configured in such a way, to hosts several websites or web applications on the same IP address. That’s why the Host Header Injection occurs.

6th November 2019

Important Vulnerabilities And Smart Ways To Be Secured From Them

There’s a saying, ”Change is the only thing that never changes!” Similarly, each and every year has a change .

26th November 2019

Detailed Insights On Ipv6 Implementation And Its Security Related Aspects

Internet Protocol (IP) is a system that allows hosts to identify and connect to other hosts online. Ipv4 was implemented in the early 80s.

11th November 2019

The Best Hardware Attack To Gain Your System Memory Is Here

Have you ever heard of stealing data from computer via hardware stuff? If you haven’t yet, I’ve got to reveal you that

11th November 2019

Why Thick Client Application Security Is Important?

Various people use various applications for getting their various needs done. Amongst those applications that’re used, the most prominent one’s are thick-client applications.

6th November 2019

Cloud Security And The Best Ways To Secure It From Breaches

In this digital era, organizations are building their infrastructures and running their services in the cloud environment.

6th November 2019

This Awesome Stuff Will Make You Understand What Red Team And Blue Team Is

Most people think that Red Teaming and Blue Teaming are different approaches for testing and identifying the security flaws.

18th October 2019

What Do You Need To Know About Cyber Kill Chain?

The Cyber Kill Chain framework is a part of the Intelligence driven defense model for identification and prevention of cyber intrusion activities (i.e. Hack or Breach).