V-CISO as a Service

V-CISO as a Service

When you need strategic security advice, A skilled workforce shortage makes it difficult to find a security professional with the knowledge and leadership required to develop and implement a successful information security strategy. So Briksinfosec offers a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service that allows your company to access a highly qualified security professional on demand. A Briksinfosec Virtual CISO will assess potential cyber-risks and develop policies, procedures, and controls to help your security meet compliance standards.

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When the advice of a vCISO could be extremely important?

  • Security audits, assessments, and reviews must be planned.

  • Creating a strategy for threat management.

  • Obtaining compliance with the most recent security standards.

  • Acquisition of new security products and services.

  • IT and security personnel are being recruited and trained.

  • Reacting to and resolving security incidents

Benefits of our Virtual CISO service

Offers unbiased advice

  • Obtain the insight and unbiased advice required to establish your organization's cyber security goals and budget.

Effectiveness of security is measured

  • Improve your understanding of the effectiveness of existing security controls and procedures, as well as receive assistance in communicating risks to key stakeholders.

It contributes to strategic advancements

  • Gain the knowledge you need to identify and implement the security enhancements that will benefit your organisation the most.

Aids in regulatory compliance

  • Improve your understanding of the most recent data and information security standards, how they apply to your company, and the controls required to comply with them.

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Frequently asked Q&A

What does a Virtual CISO do?

What is CISO as a service?

Virtual CISO is another name for CISO as a service. Briksinfosec, for example, assigns organisations a proven and certified information security professional to assist them in protecting sensitive information and achieving related business goals along the way.

How much does a CISO make?

The reality is that CISOs come at a high cost. When salaries and benefits are taken into account, most of them cost between $250,000 and $350,000. Small and medium-sized businesses may find it difficult to meet these requirements.

What are the responsibilities of a vCISO?

Briksinfosec's vCISO offering is designed to be adaptable to the needs of each of our clients. Assessment, planning, and remediation are common stages in engagements.
Whether you require high-level guidance on a monthly or quarterly basis, or you require hands-on assistance several days per week, our vCISOs can create a solution for you.

Typical objectives of vCISO engagements include:

  • Leadership and direction in information security
  • Participation or leadership on the steering committee
  • Management of security compliance
  • Development of security policies, processes, and procedures
  • Planned incident response
  • Security education and awareness
  • Presentations by the board of directors and the executive leadership
  • Evaluation of security
  • Internal examination
  • Vulnerability studies
  • Risk evaluation
  • And so much more.

What are the benefits of vCISO vs CISO?

Lower Cost Over Time

  • A typical vCISO engagement is between $35k and $250k annually and depending on your business’s size and needs. But, most of the work is preliminary, so the involvement (and therefore the cost) decreases over time.

Extensive Industry Knowledge and Skill

  • Does your “security” person wear a ton of hats in the organization? It’s not uncommon for companies to assign security roles as a secondary function of an employee’s primary role. Because of this, they’re often not true experts.
    vCISOs, especially those at Briksinfosec , are highly skilled and certified experts with years of information security experience. A virtual CISO is going to be able to enhance the internal capabilities of your employees tasked with handling security through the techniques they’ve learned.

Limited Turnover

  • Let’s face it, the security job market is as competitive as ever. We have to worry about employees leaving anyway, but that only adds to it. With an Briksinfosec vCISO, you equip your team with the expertise, methodologies, and resources to avoid losing a step—either as you work to hire a new CISO, or if you want our team to occupy that role.

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