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CyberSecurity Monthly Threatsploit Report | Briskinfosec


The last couple of years has been a rough tide for cybersecurity professionals to surf on as multiple financial heists to various distinct organizations, situated both in the Asia-pacific region as well as in the other parts of cosmos, have been breached.


This Threatsploit research report DEC 2018, reports various cyber catastrophes from distinguished sectors, with healthcare domain being highly affected, obviously leading the breached list. Our Threatsploit report encompasses various interesting attacks meant to caution readers about the proliferating cyber hacks which are stealthy in spreading but vociferous in menacing.


On this auspicious occasion of upcoming christmas, we bring forth towards you the Threatsploit report which encompasses the ubiquitous cyber attacks that are reigning throughout the globe.


The above consolidated Threatsploit report is an intensified and extended work of Briskinfosec which illustrates the compromised status of many organization