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Wireless networks extend the internal environment to potential external attackers within range. Are your wireless networks secured? Is your public guest networks isolated from the private network?

Wireless penetration tests assess the adequacy of multiple security controls designed to protect unauthorized access to wireless services. Testing attempts to exploit wireless vulnerabilities to gain access to private (protected) wireless SSIDs or to escalate privileges on guest SSIDs intended to be isolated from private networks.

Why should we conduct an Internal Wireless Security Assessment?

The wireless network brings convenience and mobility to internal users, but with this convenience comes additional risks. An attacker does not need to gain physical access if vulnerable wireless networks can be compromised from a safe distance. Wireless access provided to guests and visitors needs to be isolated from protected environments. Wireless provided to employees needs to protect those connections and the data transmitted over the air. Testing wireless networks is a critical activity to ensure wireless networks are providing the intended access and only the intended access.

  • How do I choose which wireless networks and sites to test?
    Testing should include each type of wireless network, including guest networks, BYOD, private, and facilities. The configurations for each type are as unique to the intended purpose of the deployments. When wireless networks span many physical locations but are centrally managed with common configurations, sampling is often utilized to test each unique wireless setup such that recommendations can be implemented across the enterprise. The key to selecting the scope of a wireless penetration test is to ensure each unique type of wireless is tested to produce comprehensive results without performing unnecessary and redundant testing.

Briskinfosec Approach for Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless Security Assessment
  • Standards
  • Benefits
  • Why choose Briskinfosec?
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002
  • BriskInfosec has the experience to assess the best adequacy of multiple security controls designed to protect unauthorized access wireless services. For over two decades, BriskInfosec has conducted thousands of successful penetration tests for companies of all sizes, across all industries. BriskInfosec’s dedicated penetration test team is highly qualified, possesses advanced certifications, and is equipped with the labs, tools, and methodologies necessary to consistently deliver quality, accurate, detailed, and meaningful results.
  • BriskInfosec leverages industry standard methodologies to ensure a thorough and comprehensive test is conducted under safe and controlled conditions. BriskInfosec’s reports are content-rich, regularly stand the scrutiny of regulatory requirements, exceed expectations of auditors, and frequently receive the praise of our customers. BriskInfosec does not simply validate automated scans. BriskInfosec’s expert team discovers vulnerabilities not yet published and often not yet discovered. Exploits are pursued, documented step by step, with screen capture walkthroughs, to provide both the technical and visual clarity necessary to ensure corrective actions can be prioritized and remediation is effective.

The Foremost Factor is that:

  • We combine some advanced manual tests with automated vulnerability scans to ensure all critical vulnerabilities are identified.


  • You receive a simple assessment that applies to your business and relevant threats, not a general evaluation of theoretical risks.
  • You work with qualified consultants experienced in Mobile Application Penetration Testing.
  • You receive a clear report that prioritizes the relevant risks to your organization so that you can rectify any vulnerabilities.

A bonus in choosing us:

  • You work with the company who won the “Indian Book Of Records” and who is Listed in the “Top 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Service Provider 2018” by the CIO Review.
  • We have been empanelled as ISO27001:2015 certified organisation and we your data confidential
  • We have been empanelled with Axcelos Global Best Practice consultants as we always meet the international standard based cyber security process and practices.