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BINT LAB (Brisk Intelligence Laboratory) is the indigenous CoE (Center of Excellence) cybersecurity research lab of Briskinfosec. Here, research and development is focused on making today’s systems more secure while planning for tomorrow’s technology. Briskinfosec’s unique set of capabilities motivates us to focus on our cybersecurity research in various innovative technologies. BINT LAB is empowered with in-house experts, volunteers, external security researchers and most talented cybersecurity professionals whom possess cult knowledge in the sector of information security.

We have conglomerated a vast library of resources containing Blogs, Whitepapers and security assessment tools to help in managing and creating smart cybersecurity solutions.

Briskinfosec's BINT LAB achievements:

  • Briskinfosec BINT LAB won the INDIAN BOOK OF RECORDS for Cybersecurity initiative.
  • ANSE (Advanced N map Scripting Engine) scanner for network security assessment.
  • Created and published NCDRC MAST (National Cyber Defence Research Center Mobile App Security Test) frameworks.
  • Researchers are actively participating in Bug Bounty and Hall of Fame events.

Inviting Research Collaboration:

We trust Collaboration is key. The push to share new ideas, emerging solutions and even, potential threats – with the cybersecurity community echoed throughout the two-day conference, hosted by the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS Research) at UF.

If you are a University or an Organization looking forward to build or to collaborate on Cybersecurity Research process, you can send your proposal

Ongoing Research:


Zero Trust Framework (ZTF)

Zero Trust framework is a security concept initiated on the belief that organizations shouldn’t automatically trust anything inside and outside without authentication.



NCDRC has been started with a great vision to safeguard the cyber world from current threats in cyber space. The multi-dimensional structure of technology in the cyber space poses a great challenge in handling the multifaceted problems in cyber domain.