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Remediation Verification Penetration Test


  • Introduction
  • What is Remediation Verification Penetration test?
  • Why we need Remediation Verification test?
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Conclusion
  • How Briskinfosec can help you?
  • Curious to read our case studies?
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When organisations perform penetration testing or secure code review, they will find a lot of vulnerabilities to be remediated and will start fixing those during the next assessment. Remediation phase will be differing based on the total number of vulnerabilities, complexity to fix, patches released and the priorities to fix the vulnerabilities. All these are the deciding factors for the duration taken to do a remediation verification test. But the question is, are the vulnerabilities fully fixed or is there a security loophole left for the attackers to exploit it again? So, this is when the Remediation verification needs to be looked into precisely.

What is Remediation Verification Penetration test?

Remediation Verification Penetration testing will help in validating whether the vulnerabilities have been properly remediated or not. This provides the confirmation on the vulnerability remediation and makes sure that the remediation implementations are executed rightly.

Why we need Remediation Verification test?

Both in the past and present, penetration testing/security assessments have been practiced. Through it, the vulnerabilities are excavated, identified and eliminated. Apropos of that, remediation measures are implemented in-order to thwart such attacks from striking your security environment. But, here arises a sense of suspicion - is the remediation process correctly implemented? Well, to ensure it, remediation verification process is done.


Testing Methodologies:

Remediation Verification penetration testing methodology consists of the following three modules:

  • Vulnerability Analysis 
  • Mitigation Deployment
  • Vulnerability Verification

Vulnerability Analysis

Once the security tester reports the vulnerabilities, they’ve got to be remediated. First, the vulnerabilities that're highly potential threats to an organization are picked based on organizations risk assessment and risk management policy. They are then chosen to be eliminated. Next, the remaining vulnerabilities are taken and eliminated as in the previous manner. Finally, a detailed report along with mitigation suggestions is prepared and presented.

Mitigation Deployment 

In this phase, we have to apply the suited mitigations in the staging environment for initial verification. Next, we have to apply it on the production environment.

Vulnerability Verification

Finally, we have to verify the vulnerabilities with the previous exploits, to verify whether the vulnerabilities are actually fixed or not.


Well, remediation verification isn’t such a hard concept to be pondered about. It’s just like a reconfirmation for something that’s done before. It's as simple as that! But, if the remediation isn’t properly verified, then that organization would face more hardships from hackers. Hence, a dedicated and competent cybersecurity company should be approached to remain secure and confident.

How Brisinfosec can help you?

Briskinfosec provides top-notch remediation verification solution that verifies the remediation process in a scrutinized manner. After this, we provide you a detailed report that indicates the vulnerabilities that were identified and eliminated during verification. Last but not the least, we also provide practical awareness on other such issues to remain secure against other threats.

Curious to read our case studies?

Why don’t you allocate some of your precious time to read our case studies? They truly contain some spectacular assessment strategies executed by our security folks during the task of identifying and eliminating the vulnerabilities that were present in our client systems. Just have a look on them now.

Last but not the least:

Check out the Threatsploit Adversary report prepared by us. It is the easiest method to learn and gain knowledge about the globally occurred cyberattacks, the impacts they’ve caused, the losses underwent by companies, and much more. Also, the best possible mitigation measures are suggested for you to remain safe against them. Just read our report and you’ll find many eye-opening stuff’s that you wouldn’t have read before.

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