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Our Mobile Application Security Assessment solution discovers and expedites malicious and potentially risky actions in your mobile applications on both Android/IOS, keeping your business and customers secure against attacks. Briskinfosec has carried out numerous penetration testing engagements on mobile applications from various horizons such as:

  • Payments and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Social Networking
  • Enterprise internal apps and more

At Briskinfosec, we combine multiple assessment tools like automated scans and combined in-depth manual tests to get the most comprehensive security assessment of the client applications.

Don’t allow your customer’s valuable information ending up in the wrong hands because of a faulty line of code or a vulnerable third-party component.

  • Threat Profiling:
    Creates a threat profile that lists all your applications risks and enables testers to replicate relevant attacks rather than using random attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and session hijacking.

  • Multiple Platforms:
    Tests apps such as mobile banking, e-commerce and mobile payment systems on various device platforms under a single program including iPad, iPhone, Android in an unified plan for improving efficiency.

  • Dedicated Researchers:
    Access our dedicated team of mobile application security researchers to stay on top of the latest threats and trends in the mobile app world and enable predictive intelligence in app security.

Briskinfosec's Approach for Mobile Application Security Assessment

Mobile Apllication Security Assessment
  • Standards
  • Benefits
  • Why choose Briskinfosec?
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)
  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)
  • Indicates the flaws in the app.
  • Identifies any unauthorised access in the app that occurs or exists.
  • Assisting in preventing app downtime to enhance the user experience & productivity further.
  • Sharing a DSR (Daily Status Report) to have an idea of what module we're testing currently.
  • A careful scoping of the test environment to establish the exact extent of the testing exercise.
  • A range of manual tests closely aligned with the OWASP and other methodologies.
  • A series of automated vulnerability scans.
  • Immediate notification of any critical vulnerability to help you take action quickly.
  • A detailed report that identifies and explains the vulnerabilities (ranked in order of significance).
  • A list of recommended countermeasures to address any identified vulnerabilities.
  • An executive summary that explains what the risks mean in business terms.
  • Collaborative work experience with your in-house development team to understand the issue and recommend a proper fix.
  • A Certification of the Application according to OWASP standards.


  • You will work with the company who won the "Indian Book of Records" and who is also listed as one among the “Top 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Service Provider 2018” by the CIO Review.
  • We have been empanelled as ISO27001:2015 certified organisation to keep your data confidential.
  • Briskinfosec has also been empanelled with Axcelos Global Best Practice consultants as an organisation that always has met the international standard based cyber security process and practices in place.
  • We, at Briskinfosec, use our own created tools along with advanced manual tests and automated vulnerability scans, to ensure all critical vulnerabilities are identified.
  • Apart from this: You receive a simple assessment that applies to your business and relevant threats, not a general evaluation of theoretical risks.
  • You work with qualified consultants experienced in mobile application penetration testing.
  • You receive a clear report that prioritises the relevant risks to your organisation, so that you can remedy any vulnerability.

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