Third Eye Security Review Assessment

Third Eye Security Review Assessment

Third Eye Security Assessment would apply to any organization that already has dedicated cybersecurity teams, security products, and a GRC team in place to identify the current state of maturity and find potential areas of improvements. In most of the organization top management prejudice they have adequate security, ROI on cyber security is not calculated appropriately, last gasp to meet external audit requirements. In hindsight many organizations go through cyber-attack or data breach and then realize their risk management process was not adequate. Briskinfosec Third Eye Security Assessment is a proactive approach proactively address the above short comings. So, you can hire us to provide Specular reports from a third-party viewpoint.

This type of assessment would be distinct from regular internal / external security assessments/audits, the focus on those are assessments/audits done on sampling basis and specific to adherence of process rather than the maturity of the process. Third Eye Security covers every nook and corner of the process, so there is no pitfall called as assumptions. This assessment could be carried out for a specific product, solution, department, branch, or country in accordance with customer expectations.

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  • Finalization and scope.

    • Objectives
    • Timelines
    • SPOC specifics
  • Identifying As-Is State.

  • Review As-Is State against the Benchmark.

  • Report and suggestions Submission.


  • Executive Report
  • Detailed Third Eye Assessment Report with recommendations.

Who is eligible to use this service?

  • Any organization that is concerned about cybersecurity and ensures the same through internal, external, or both.
  • Any C-level executive who wants to assess their cybersecurity posture.
  • Anyone interested in obtaining a third-party opinion on their cybersecurity posture.

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Advantages of Third Eye Review Evaluation

  • Stakeholders have matured reporting mechanisms
  • Maturity of Technical and Non-Technical Policy, Process, and Product Implementation
  • Individuals’ awareness maturity is measured
  • Measuring the level of maturity in proactive decision making
  • Measuring the level of service provided by Third-party vendors
  • Measuring the maturity of third-party management
  • Measuring the Budgeting Maturity
  • This solid evidence will assist you in making proactive decisions

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