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Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Briskinfosec Cloud security assessment approach uses in-depth testing techniques mainly to identify any vulnerability, security flaws or threats in cloud architecture.

Our cloud security assessments and consulting services can guide you through the security ramifications of cloud adoption on your strategy, program, providers, controls, and architecture.

Our approach will help you understand the security posture of your cloud infrastructure hosted on platforms like AWS, Azure etc.,

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Approach for Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

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Cybersecurity starts from proper awareness. Briskinfosec BINT LAB cybersecurity researchers continuously put extraordinary effort to help you to realise cybersecurity better and faster. Just download the One-page flyer, Case Study and Threatsploit Adversary report.

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Service Highlights

  • Briskinfosec also provides enough knowledge to our client’s cloud management team about fixing the vulnerabilities and awareness on secure cloud practices; apart from testing and finding vulnerabilities in cloud platforms of our Clients,.

  • Briskinfosec demonstrates a continuous commitment to the security of all our client’s assets.

  • Briskinfosec provides the insight needed to prioritise future investments on cyber security assessments.

  • Cloud apps would be assessed based on different categories of application’s work flow and business layers.

  • Range of assessment approaches closely aligned with Cloud security standards.

  • Collaborative work with your in-house development team to understand the issue and recommend a proper fix.

The benefits of a cloud security test

  • Gain real-world compliance and technical insight into your cloud application security.
  • Discover the most vulnerable route through which the applications hosted on cloud can be compromised.
  • Identify any loopholes that could lead to the theft of sensitive data from cloud applications.
  • Improve identity and access control for cloud architecture.

We Help to achieve and maintain compliance with applicable International Standards

What does our pentest report include

All findings will be documented in a final report, and then compared with a strengths/weaknesses profile against international standards for IT & Cyber Security. The identified weaknesses will be assessed and supplemented with recommendations and remediation actions, as well as prioritized according to the risk associated. Final report will be discussed during a presentation with you. Report will include a comprehensive and meaningful C-level summary of the executed security audit or penetration test. Additionally, it will include all detailed results with respective evidence and recommendations for future security measures.

Cloud Security Assessment

How do we differ

Briskinfosec helps our clients by applying security best practices for their cloud environment, which provides long-term benefit by not only safeguarding assets today, but also providing a framework for cloud security policies moving forward. Briskinfosec ensures that the cloud configurations are optimized with security in mind by performing accurate manual and automated assessment of cloud security posture.

  • Identifying detailed security issues with recommendations on realtime basis.
  • Client have freedom to generate report any time.
  • Transparent visibility on the project status.
  • High quality and top standard report quality to present CXO.
  • Integrated secure coding campaign for developers.
  • Detailed reports for all re assessments with Track.
  • Detailed issue track sheets with compliance mapping.
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Our Milestones

Awards and Affiliations

CIO Review

We are honoured as one among the top 20 most promising information security solution providers by the CIO review.

Indian book of records

We reported 8000 vulnerabilities within 4 hours and have registered our name in the “India Book of Records”.

ISO/IEC 270001:2015

We have been empanelled with ISO/IEC 270001:2015 for our commitment towards security.

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Briskinfosec’s cyber security initiatives are affiliated by the National Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC).

Council of CIA

Briskinfosec is the founding member of the Council of CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability).

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What is black box, white and grey box assessment of cloud apps?

What cloud platforms applications are needed to be assessed?

All the different cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, digital ocean etc., which host applications needs security assessment.

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For more information on how our Briskinfosec penetration testing services can help safeguard your organisation, call us now on +91 860 863 4123 or request a call back using the form below.