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Briskinfosec is a leading provider of cyber forensics and cyber investigation services, helping businesses and organizations protect their assets and reputation from cyber threats. Our team of experts uses a combination of technical expertise and investigative skills to identify and analyze digital crimes and incidents, and to gather evidence for use in legal proceedings.

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Our Engagement Process

Initially, we may start our investigation phase with the disclosure of the basic details to the forensics team, including data loss, data theft, and system manipulation. Based on the information gathered and by using the copy of the evidence we strive to find out the possible loopholes. Then we will plan to address all the possible pieces of evidence found during the investigation. Finally, we will classify the investigation and submit it for your reference, and the legal proceedings

Digital_Foresic Security Assessment

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Cybersecurity starts with proper awareness. Briskinfosec’s BINT LAB researchers continuously put an extraordinary effort to help you to realise cybersecurity better and faster. Just download the One-page Cyber forensics flyer, Cyber Forensics Case Study and Threatsploit Adversary report.

What does our website penetration testing reports include?

All the findings will be documented in a final report, and then compared with strengths/weakness profile against international standards for IT & Cyber security. Identified vulnerabilities will be assessed and supplemented with recommendations and remediation as well as prioritized according to the risk associated. Additionally, it includes all details results with respective evidence and recommendation for future security measure.

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Lura-Security Simplified

Lura cybersecurity simplified portal can help to reduce project execution time, save cost, and bring a positive return on investment (ROI) to customers:

  • Streamlines the cybersecurity process:
  • Lura reduces the time spent on documentation and minimizes the overall duration of projects, saving time and resources.

  • Improves access to reports:
  • Lura provides a convenient and secure way for customers to access status reports and VA/PT reports, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Meets GRC compliance requirements:
  • Lura helps to ensure that our cybersecurity services meet the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of costly compliance issues.

  • Enhances security:
  • Lura is a secure and transparent platform that helps to ensure the integrity of security assessments and build confidence in the quality of our enterprise-grade tests.

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What is Cyber forensics?

  • Cyber forensics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and preserving digital evidence in a manner that is legally admissible in a court of law. It involves the use of specialized tools and techniques to extract, analyze, and document digital evidence from computers, networks, and other electronic devices.

Why is Cyber forensics important?

  • Cyber forensics is critical for organizations that need to investigate cyber attacks, data breaches, and other types of cyber incidents. It allows organizations to determine the extent of the damage, identify the root cause of the incident, and take steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. Cyber forensics can also be used to support legal proceedings and help organizations recover from cyber attacks.

What is Cyber Investigation?

  • Cyber investigation is the process of identifying, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on evidence related to cyber crimes and other types of illegal activity that occur online. It involves the use of specialized tools and techniques to identify and track the movements of cybercriminals, gather evidence, and build a case against them.

Why is Cyber Investigation important?

  • Cyber investigation is critical for organizations that need to identify and prosecute cybercriminals. It helps organizations protect themselves and their customers from cyber attacks, prevent financial losses, and maintain the trust and confidence of their stakeholders. Cyber investigation can also help organizations understand the motivations and tactics of cybercriminals and take steps to prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.
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Service Highlights

  • Comprehensive Cyber Forensics assessment with industry standards that can be produced under the court of law

  • Data recovery (Deleted file analysis Define a scope of the environment to establish the precise extent of the investigation

  • Mode of manual test is closely aligned with NIST standards and other standard methods

  • Instance notification to critical finding for quick actions

  • BriskInfoSec demonstrated a continuous commitment to the security of all our-client’s Assets

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Our cyber forensics services include

  • Preservation of evidence:
    We use specialized tools and techniques to make copies of relevant digital devices and data, and secure them to prevent further tampering or corruption.

  • Collection of evidence:
    We gather evidence from a wide range of sources, including computers, servers, mobile devices, and cloud storage accounts, using specialized tools and techniques to preserve the integrity of the data.

  • Analysis of evidence:
    We use forensic tools and techniques to identify patterns and anomalies in the evidence, and to determine the nature of the incident and the parties involved.

  • Presentation of findings:
    We present the results of our investigations in a clear and concise manner, using visual aids and technical reports to illustrate the key points and findings.

Related Services

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Our cyber investigation services include:

  • Cyber crime investigations:
    We help businesses and organizations identify and investigate cybercrimes such as hacking, phishing, and data breaches.

  • Intellectual property investigations:
    We help businesses and organizations protect their intellectual property from theft and misuse, and investigate cases of IP theft and infringement.

  • Insider threat investigations:
    We help businesses and organizations identify and investigate threats from within their own organization, such as employees who may be leaking sensitive information or engaging in fraud.

Case Study

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The Benefits of a Cyber Forensics Security Assessment

  • Cyber forensics helps in collecting important digital evidence to trace the criminal
  • Electronic devices keep large amounts of data that the average person cannot see. For example, in a smart home, smart devices collect massive amounts of data for every word we speak, which is critical in Cyber forensics
  • It is utilized not only to solve digital crimes but also to solve real-world crimes such as theft and murder
  • Businesses can use Cyber forensics to track out system breaches and identify criminals. speak, actions performed by smart devices, and collect huge data which is crucial in Cyber forensics
  • It is also helpful for innocent people to prove their innocence via the evidence collected online
  • It is not only used to solve digital crimes but also used to solve real-world crimes like theft cases, murder, etc
  • Businesses are equally benefitted from Cyber forensics in tracking system breaches and finding the attackers

Standards and Frameworks we follow

NIST CIS GDPR HIPPA iso27001 pcidss stig mitre GDPR GDPR
NIST CIS GDPR HIPPA iso27001 pcidss stig mitre GDPR GDPR

Frequently asked Q&A

What Is Steganography?

What are the most used tools for Cyber forensic?

  • Disk analysis: Autopsy/the Sleuth Kit
  • Image creation: FTK imager
  • Memory forensics: volatility
  • Network analysis: Wireshark

What are the different types of forensics emerging today?

  • IoT-based networks forensics
  • Artificial intelligence forensics
  • Cyber forensics Block-chain technology
  • Cyber forensics for quantum computing
  • Cyber forensics for malware analysis
  • Cyber Vehicle Forensics
  • Social Network Forensics

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a method of encoding and transmitting confidential data in order to protect the information from unauthorised third parties.

What is the difference between hashing and encryption?

To convert readable data into an unreadable format, both hashing and encryption are used. The key distinction is that encrypted data can be decrypted and converted back to original data, whereas hashed data cannot be processed back to original data.

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