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Digital Forensic Assessment

Digital_Forensic Security Assessment

Digital Forensics is defined as the process of preservation, identification, extraction, and documentation of computer evidence that can be used by a court of law. It is the science of finding evidence from digital media like a computer, mobile phone, server, or network. It provides the forensic team with the best techniques and tools to solve complicated digital-related cases. It helps the forensic team to analyze, inspect, identify, and preserve the digital evidence residing on various types of electronic devices

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Our Engagement Process

Initially, we may start our investigation phase with the disclosure of the basic details to the forensics team, including data loss, data theft, and system manipulation. Based on the information gathered and by using the copy of the evidence we strive to find out the possible loopholes. Then we will plan to address all the possible pieces of evidence found during the investigation. Finally, we will classify the investigation and submit it for your reference, and the legal proceedings.

Digital_Foresic Security Assessment

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Cybersecurity starts with proper awareness. Briskinfosec’s BINT LAB researchers continuously put an extraordinary effort to help you to realise cybersecurity better and faster. Just download the One-page Digital forensics flyer, Digital Forensics Case Study and Threatsploit Adversary report.

Lura Portal

Lura Platform provides clarity for optimal cybersecurity project management portal. Rather to traditional tracking of numerous emails, PDF and XLS files for VA/PT reports and status. A single login for peaceful cybersecurity project management with real-time dashboards would solve this.

  • Access to the dashboard is free of charge.
  • Real-time metrics and dashboards.
  • We remove the barriers that make cybersecurity complex and overwhelming.
  • Lura offers a smooth path to reducing the compliance obstacle.
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Digital Forensics Security Assessment

Briskinfosec Service Delivery

  • Kick off Meeting Deck
  • Weekly execution Status report
  • Executive Summary report
  • Forensic Assessment reports
  • Consolidated Forensic Assessment Reports
  • Deliverables (Recovered data, Relevant findings)
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Service Highlights

  • Comprehensive Digital Forensics assessment with industry standards that can be produced under the court of law

  • Data recovery (Deleted file analysisDefine a scope of the environment to establish the precise extent of the investigation

  • Mode of manual test is closely aligned with NIST standards and other standard methods

  • Instance notification to critical finding for quick actions

  • BriskInfoSec demonstrated a continuous commitment to the security of all our-client’s Assets

Case Study

Our Trust and Assurance will take you to the next level.

Our Case studies are the best reference to prove the dexterity of Briskinfosec.

The Benefits of a Digital Forensics Security Assessment

  • Digital forensics helps in collecting important digital evidence to trace the criminal
  • Electronic devices keep large amounts of data that the average person cannot see. For example, in a smart home, smart devices collect massive amounts of data for every word we speak, which is critical in Digital forensics
  • It is utilized not only to solve digital crimes but also to solve real-world crimes such as theft and murder
  • Businesses can use Digital forensics to track out system breaches and identify criminals. speak, actions performed by smart devices, and collect huge data which is crucial in Digital forensics
  • It is also helpful for innocent people to prove their innocence via the evidence collected online
  • It is not only used to solve digital crimes but also used to solve real-world crimes like theft cases, murder, etc
  • Businesses are equally benefitted from Digital forensics in tracking system breaches and finding the attackers

Standards and Frameworks we follow


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Frequently asked Q&A

What Is Steganography?

What are the most used tools for digital forensic?

  • Disk analysis: Autopsy/the Sleuth Kit
  • Image creation: FTK imager
  • Memory forensics: volatility
  • Network analysis: Wireshark

What are the different types of forensics emerging today?

  • IoT-based networks forensics
  • Artificial intelligence forensics
  • Digital forensics Block-chain technology
  • Digital forensics for quantum computing
  • Digital forensics for malware analysis
  • Digital Vehicle Forensics
  • Social Network Forensics

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a method of encoding and transmitting confidential data in order to protect the information from unauthorised third parties.

What is the difference between hashing and encryption?

To convert readable data into an unreadable format, both hashing and encryption are used. The key distinction is that encrypted data can be decrypted and converted back to original data, whereas hashed data cannot be processed back to original data.

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