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Network Security Assessment will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers with possibilities for systems and networks compromises. We identify unauthorized access to sensitive data or even domain take-over systems for malicious/non-business purposes. The process of assessing an organization’s network infrastructure externally or internally is to identify vulnerabilities and security issues.

Types of Network Penetration Tests:

  • External Penetration Testing.
  • Internal Penetration Testing.

  • An Internal Penetration Testing
    varies from a vulnerability assessment. In vulnerability assessment, we actually exploit the vulnerabilities for determining the contingencies of any information disclosure or for any data that are exposed. But, an Internal Penetration Test mimics the actions of an actual attacker exploits the weaknesses in network security with authorization.

  • External Penetration Testing
    consists of a review of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external users without credentials or the appropriate rights to access a system.

Briskinfosec's Approach for Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment

After discovery, vulnerabilities are safely exploited, confirming if the vulnerability exists. The process is manual, removing false positives typically being validated by automated tools through vulnerability scanners. Briskinfosec penetration testing methodology includes an attack simulation, carried out by highly trained security consultants in an effort to:

  • Identify the security flaws present in the environment.
  • Understand the level of risks in your organization.
  • Helping to address and fix identified network security flaws.

  • Standards
  • Benefits
  • Why choose Briskinfosec?
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)
  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)
  • Web Application Security Consortium (WASC)
  • System Administration, Networking, and Security (SANS)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • ISO27001
  • NIST SP800-115
  • A careful scoping of the test environment to establish the exact extent of the testing exercise.
  • A range of manual tests closely aligned with PTES and other methodologies.
  • A series of automated vulnerability scans.
  • An immediate notification of any critical vulnerability to help you take action quickly.
  • A detailed report that identifies and explains the vulnerabilities ratings.
  • A list of recommended countermeasures to address any identified vulnerabilities.
  • An executive summary that explains what the risks mean in business terms.
  • A collaborative work experience, with your in-house development team to understand the issue and in recommending a proper fix.
  • Compliance standard meetings should be followed (ISO 27001, PCIDSS, HIPAA, DPA and GDPR).
  • A certification of the application according to NIST standards.


  • You will work with the company who won the “Indian Book of Records" and who is also listed as one among the “Top 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Service Provider 2018”.
  • We have been empanelled as ISO27001:2015 certified organisation.
  • Briskinfosec has also been empanelled with Axcelos Global Best Practice consultants as an organization that has always met the international standard based cyber security process and requirements in time.
  • We, at Briskinfosec, use our own created tools along with advanced manual tests and automated vulnerability scans, to ensure all critical vulnerabilities are identified.

Apart from this:

  • You receive a simple assessment that applies to your business and relevant threats, not a general evaluation of theoretical risks.
  • You work with qualified consultants experienced in network penetration testing.
  • You receive a clear report that prioritizes the relevant risks to your organization, so that you can remedy any vulnerability.

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