Is there a way I can tell if my data of digital asset is out there?

  • Published On: April 28, 2022 Updated On: February 14, 2023

Yes, and that magic wand is OSINT Report or Open Source Intelligence Report. It involves analyzing and reporting the exposed data on the target website that might become the root cause of the potential threats and attacks in the future.

Data is the low-hanging fruit for any attackers. The attackers use this data to exploit the target system and even other systems through the data collected from the single target system.


               OSINT Report                              VA/PT
OSINT Report exclusively focuses only on the data that is exposed to the public in web or mobile applications. It has nothing to do with Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing. Vulnerability Assessment is an automated way of finding the vulnerabilities in a website or mobile application whereas Penetration Testing is the manual way of testing/penetrating the vulnerabilities.


Can we secure 100%?

A very frank answer, it’s impossible. The applications are dynamic and there were several updates in terms of functionality, user interface, and user experience.

Security is the step-by-step process where you work on improving the same continuously and eliminating the loopholes.

Nobody can say, we’re 100%.

Different aspects of OSINT Report:

Let us discuss the different aspects of the OSINT Report.

Email IDS

Email ID exposure is really a big threat. Once your email ID is exposed, there are lots of automated systems to find the password combinations, called Brute Force Attack.

Quick Tip - You need to have a really tough password to escape from brute force attacks. Let me explain in layman’s terms, How a brute force attack works?  Brute Force attack works on unlimited guessing and probability. So, if you really have a password with multiple characters and a longer length, the time taken to identify will be several years.

Example: A password like Qewerty123 can be easily brute-forced. An Ideal password should be similar to this, sP2N3TT7dpjnnX^YFm.


The next big thing is technology. Yes, the most common gateway for the attacker is the technology that you’re using.

It can be anything like an older version of the software. Each and every new update comes with improved security patches and updates. So, if you’re using a non-updated version, then it’s really a serious threat.


The next serious aspect of OSINT is the usage of the same or similar (easily guessable) passwords on multiple sites.

For example, the same password for email, the same password for social media accounts, and the same password for wallets.

When any one of the websites faces a data breach, it may pave way for all other sites.

“Never have the same password combination for different sites.”

Ratings in OSINT Report:

The final thing in the OSINT Report is rating. The ratings were classified into 4 types. A, B, C & D were given based on the severity (depending on the kind of exposure) of vulnerabilities.

At last, the solution will be given, “How to fix the vulnerabilities?”

A sample OSINT report has been provided here and it has got several other things in detail. Just have a look. If you reached here, then it means you take security seriously. Just email us at [email protected]