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19th December 2022 709

Different Types of session Based Attacks and How to Stop Them?

Imagine John surfing on the internet. He likes a product from a website. He orders it & now it is time to pay for it. He puts in the banking credentials. Everything went well.

11th November 2022 753

How to mature your DLP: Data Loss Prevention process?

Data loss prevention is a set of guidelines and software programmes.Its objective is to keep an eye on the data in the system and guard against the likelihood of data loss or breach for a variety of causes

27th October 2022 724

Best practices to prevent Data breaches in SAAS platform

Out of the entire population on the planet earth, at least most of them have a Facebook account. What if I tell you that these data's can be hacked not from your computer but from the cloud.

18th October 2022 668

What is IOT Forensics?

The term Internet of Things"was first used in 1999 to promote a technology called Radio Frequency Identification. IoT didn't become more popular until 2010/2011. By early 2014, it was used by most people. IoT forensics is a type of digital forensics that looks

13th October 2022 721

What is Black box Security Testing?

In this kind of testing, the penetration tester acts like a normal hacker who doesn't know anything about the target system.Testers don't get any diagrams of the architecture or source code that isn't available to the public.

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11th October 2022 1102

What is the difference between OWASP Top 10 and ASVS Security Audit

OWASP is the blueprint for testing the web application security controls. It is safe to say that it helps the developers to develop application.

7th October 2022 807

What weak credentials can do?

Yes! Hacking people's accounts is illegal. Hacker’s are enjoyed playing with weak credentials. A weak password is one that is easy to guess using a subset of all possible passwords in a brute force attack.

21st September 2022 783

iOS architecture the setup the pros and the cons

If you have used a smartphone or a tablet, then you have probably come across the Android operating system and the iOS mobile operating system. Both of these mobile operating systems

13th September 2022 823

Does your application Hosted on the cloud is really secure?

For many years, security has been a key issue whenever data has be placed online, and the rise of cloud computing hasn't done much to ease people's fears. In reality, it had the opposite effect on many people.

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8th September 2022 1104

What Are Security Headers and How Can We Implement Them For our Website?

When a browser asks a web server for a page, the server sends back the page's content along with headers. Some headers have meta-data about the content,

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1st September 2022 1054

Docker Security Best Practices

Docker is a software platform that enables the development and deployment of containerized applications and services.It is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that uses the host OS Kernel instead of hypervisors like VirtualBox. Docker containers contain all of the dependencies.

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25th August 2022 1013

HTTPS Request Smuggling Attacks and How to Stop Them?

Who will offer $36,000 for finding a bug? Yes, it has happened. And, by the the greatest company of the planet: Apple. From the prize, you can well understand the magnanimity .