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CyberSecurity Monthly Threatsploit Report | Briskinfosec

Threatsploit Adversary Report January 2019

18-01-2019     Edition - 5

This Threatsploit research report DEC 2018, reports various cyber catastrophes from distinguished sectors, with healthcare domain being highly affected, obviously leading the breached list.

Threatsploit Adversary Report December 2018

11-12-2018     Edition - 4

On this auspicious occasion of upcoming christmas, we bring forth towards you the Threatsploit report which encompasses the ubiquitous cyber attacks that are reigning throughout the globe.

Threatsploit Adversary Report November 2018

16-11-2018     Edition - 3

The above consolidated Threatsploit report is an intensified and extended work of Briskinfosec which illustrates the compromised status of many organization

Threatsploit Adversary Report Sep 2018

30-09-2018     Edition - 2

We have established a global society of universal connectivity, where individuals and organizations expect to have instant access to data and services across a variety of interconnected devices, which is creating a rich vein of valuable information, goods and computing resources for our adversaries to extract, extort and exploit.

Threatsploit Adversary Report Aug 2018

06-08-2018     Edition - 1

Cyber attackers revealed new levels of ambition in the month of AUGUST 2018. When it comes to global cyber landscape Cyber risk continues to grow as technology innovation increases and social dependence on information technology expands.