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Threatsploit Adversary Report Sep 2018 | Briskinfosec

This Threatsploit Adversary Report gives a brief understanding of the worldwide cyberattacks that’d happened in the month of September 2018. During this period, almost all significant sectors fell victims to cyberattacks. The one that’d been predominantly affected was the Heath care sector, followed by financial sector. Apart from these, other sectors were also affected. To relish a glimpse of it, happenings like

  • Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia (U.S) breached due to staff’s error.
  • Norwood’s Reliable Respiratory (UK), lost many of its private data due to a breach.
  • Allied Irish Banks lost the important data of 550 customers, later apologized.
  • MACEWAN University in Canada lost $12 million data due to a phishing attack.
  • Deloitte, one of the world’s greatest accountancy firm, breached many data.

Well, these aren’t the only ones in the report but just a rough glimpse of it. To know more, kindly check our report.