Welcome to the Threatsploit Report of October 2021 covering some of the important cybersecurity events, incidents and exploits that occurred this month. This month, the cybersecurity sector witnessed a massive rise in ransomware and data breach attacks across geographies. Besides, many other attack types were seen spiking during these recent months. 

The primary reason is and has always been the same…. "Employees and stakeholders have limited or no perception or understanding of threats and misplaced understanding of massive cyber threats or consequences". 

Since the time Work From Home (WFH) has become the new normal, security incidents has peaked with more and more issues relating to VPNs and other remote connecting mediums. WFH option has further limited the ability of IT functions to apply software patches for both old and new critical vulnerabilities, exposing the information assets for hackers to exploit and compromise. Let us walk you through some of the important security incidents that happened this month.