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Threatsploit Adversary Report
Feb 2022

  • Edition-42

  • Updated Date: February 02 , 2022



Welcome to the Threatsploit Report of February 2022 covering some of the groundbreaking cybersecurity events, incidents, and exploits that occurred this month. This month, the cybersecurity sector witnessed a steep rise in ransomware, data breach, and sovereign attacks. Besides, many other attack types have seen a spike during the first month of the year.

“Employees and stakeholders have limited or no perception of massive cyber threats or consequences. It is our job to educate them.”

Log4j and its Vulnerability are continued to be discovered across the spectrum leading to system compromise around the globe. Personal detail compromise of a huge scale was highlighted when an Attorney General flagged a cyber-attack on small businesses. Even non-governmental organizations are facing the loss of sensitive data, i.e., the Red cross got hacked for high profile user database. System compromise by ransomware groups is on the rise, possibly leading to the closure of businesses across the geography. An active spying attack has been uncovered on cloud services like Google Drive which will lead to data compromises for sure. Another example of data compromise is for WordPress users. They may have the bad news as hackers have planted backdoors in a dozen WordPress plugins. Technology has been the most compromised domain followed by the Service sector this month. Let us walk you through some of the important security incidents that happened this month that may affect you or your partners, colleagues, family & friends.

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