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Threatsploit Adversary Report June 2019 | Briskinfosec

The month of May is profoundly related to luck. There’s a saying (don’t know if true or false) that any business in May will cherish. But, did cybersecurity businesses remain safe against cyberattacks during the month of May 2019? Did the May month’s luck help organizations and individuals escape from cyberattacks? Absolutely, a huge no! During this month, you must know the fact that consumer technology is the sector over which cyberattacks hugely emerged as a victor. They even smacked the reputations of other sectors like Government, Retail, Social media, Banking. This report has news like

  • Canva, a Sydney based graphic designing firm was breached and 139 million users were affected.
  • A buffer overflow vulnerability has been discovered in What’s App that gives remote access to the hacker.
  • Humongous data breach in Russia has exposed the passport data of 360,000 people, including many Government officials.
  • First American Financial, an US insurance firm, has registered some unauthorized access and exposed many important data.
  • Instagram exposed the private data of over 49 million users due to insecure storage.

To know the entire incidents of such, please do have a look at our report!