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Threatsploit Adversary Report November 2018 | Briskinfosec

This Threatsploit Adversary Report marks the presence of cyberattacks that commenced in the month of October 2018. Without a doubt, just like any other month, this month also witnessed the occurrence of countless cyberattacks. During this month’s period of time, financial sector faced the highest number of cyberattacks with a total touching about 40%. Keeping it aside, other sectors like health care, e-commerce and many weren’t able to escape from cyber threats. Our Oct 2018 report contains news like

  • A Bank in California has lost 37,000 data of patients due to phishing attacks.
  • Tesco Bank in USA lost $2.93 million records of customers, fined $21.3 million.
  • Korean hackers through Swift (a messaging forum), stole more than $100 million.
  • Minnesota DHS, a USA hosp got its 21,000 patient records breached due to phishing.
  • A Saudi Industrial plant was struck by a deadly malware that originated from Russia.

Well, all these are just some dusts that disappeared in cyberattacks storm. Apart from this, there were many firms who lost their fame due to cyberattacks. Kindly check out our report to know all of them at one shot.