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Threatsploit Adversary Report November 2019 | Briskinfosec

Do you know what October month is referred as when it comes to cybersecurity? Well, it’s referred as “CYBER AWARENESS MONTH.”

Guessing why October for this?

Well, it’s believed that the month of October has the most number of holidays and people would put in extra efforts to gain awareness towards cybersecurity, thereby aiding in alleviating the count of cyberattacks.

But, were cyberattacks thwarted or reduced from occurring in the October month?

Absolutely, No! Not at all!

The month of October registered more number of breaches, hackings and losses when compared with previous months. Great firms that were considered to be ‘invincible’ were tested and destroyed. For example

  • Amazon faced a massive DDoS attack that disrupted many of its services globally.
  • Pennsylvania faced a historical data breach, exposing almost all of its student’s data.
  • Georgia faced the biggest data breach in history leaving 20000+ websites defaced.
  • Russia faced the biggest data breach in its history, letting the financial details of over 60 million people vulnerable.
  • The Heat Group, one of the world’s most popular cosmetics business company suffered $2 million loss due to a massive ransomware.

All these five reports reported above are just very few among many. The remaining ones are there in our report, told in a brief and easy manner. Just check them out. You’ll surely never regret your time for it!