" It takes twenty years to develop a reputation & a few minutes of Cyber event to trash it" Stephano Nano

Yes, indeed. It takes years & years to construct systems from start. Writing codes, testing them & finally making them live. And, in minutes, hackers destroy it. All the reputation earned falls into the drain. Clients start doubting us on our efficacy to protect their information. In order, to make you understand better, so that you are equipped to manage any circumstance. We are presenting you the latest Threatsploit report. Let me tell you, what to expect!!!

Reddit was hacked with CRPF vulnerability that compelled the viewer to watch the adult data. The whole purpose of the hack was to collect the personal data. It was patched subsequently as per the report. Pegasus, a well famous Turkish airline was hacked. At this point, airliner strikes are all too common. Spi Jet ce aircraft was the focus of attention just a month ago. Pilots' navigation charts, manuals, and charts in the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) were stolen from Pegasus. The alleged breach included trip plans, photos, and other details. Later, they were fixed. Hackers are now targeting airlines as a new target.

Kaiser Permanente, a Washington, D.C.-based hospital, was breached, exposing patient health information. It's deja vu all over again, given that health care organisations are frequently targeted by hackers. The dark web's high price for health data is the primary factor. It's expensive, which makes it a target for hackers.

One of the most infamous scams of all time is the Coin Egg Scam. Scammers enticed victims to invest in fictitious Crypto trading through the use of a bogus domain. They then used social media to get individuals to invest more money. As dramatic as anything you'll see on the big screen, this scam has it all. The Woo commerce site was targeted by scammers who stole credit card information.

The DDO's attack on President Putin's speech was the big story. Due to a DDOS attack, he was unable to deliver his address for an hour. We're all vulnerable to hackers, even the most powerful people on Earth.

We hope you have a secure month ahead of you, and that all of your digital assets and information are protected. We've got your back when it comes to your online safety. I wish you all the best with your writing, reading, and sharing.