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Threatsploit Adversary Report September 2019 | Briskinfosec

To indicate a volcanic eruption, a single spark is more than enough. Nothing more is needed than that. Similarly, with regards to cybersecurity, about 2,50,000 malwares and countless number of cyberattacks originate each and every day, worldwide. To tell about all of them in a single report is near to impossible. But, the best collection of such notorious ones is more than enough to indicate about how terrifying the entire stuff would be. Our Threatsploit report for August 2019 has the most significant cyberattacks that’ve happened globally. For example

  • Bulgaria faces the biggest data breach in it’s history; loses 5.1 million citizens record. (Note: this news isn’t there in our report)
  • NASA astronaut accused of hacking estranged spouse banking details from space.
  • Website of Amity university hacked; website asks students pay for jobs in porn industries.
  • Two new Dragonblood vulnerabilities were discovered in Wi-Fi WPA3 standard.
  • Camscanner, a popular scanning app with 100 million users worldwide was affected with a malware.

To see more such related issues, you’re most welcome to check out our report anytime.