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Threatsploit Adversary Report February 2019 | Briskinfosec

I welcome you for visiting our world of Threatsploit Adversary Report for the month of January 2019. This month saw cybercriminals repeatedly targeting many sectors operating behind successful technologies like financial, healthcare, IOT, Social media, Gaming, transportation, blockchain and much more. To roughly know what cyberattacks had happened and the losses faced by firms on this month, below are a few like

  • Abine Blur password manager got its 2.4 million users data in U.S breached due to phishing.
  • Black Media Games, a famous gaming team in the city of Salem, lost 7+ million accounts due to phishing.
  • In Japan, Ethereum Classic (ETC) – a Blockchain miner, hit by Crypto-mining, lost around $1.1 million.
  • ThinkPHP, a highly used Chinese PHP framework has been identified with a malware.
  • About 87,000 patients data in the Alaska Department of Health and Social services was breached due to a malware.

Are these everything from Jan 2019? Well, absolutely not. To know the rest, check out our report.