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Threatsploit Adversary Report December 2018 | Briskinfosec

This Threatsploit Adversary report encompasses the global cyberattacks that commenced in the month of November 2018. Right from the inception to the termination of this month’s timeline, it’s the Healthcare sectors that’ve mostly faced the bitterness of cyberthreats whose breaches accounted up to 50%. This is followed by financial sectors (10%) and social media (5%). To view a teaser on these, our November report has news like

  • 117 hospitals worldwide exposed over 4.4 million patient records due to a breach.
  • HealthEquity firm in U.S.A exposed 190,000 patient records due to employee’s error.
  • A Florida firm got it’s PHI of over 42,000 patients breached due to a phishing attack.
  • Almost all the data from the banks in Pakistan had been breached and sold on Dark web.
  • Chinese drone, Giant Da-Jiang, has security flaws; if exploited, could leak many data.    

Well truly, there are many that’re left unsaid. All those exist in our report. You can easily check it out with just a single click.