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Threatsploit Adversary Report
Oct 2023

  • Edition - 62

  • Updated Date: October 14 , 2023



Welcome to the October 2023 edition of our Threatsploit Report. In this digital age, cyberse-
curity is no longer just a concern for IT experts; it's a topic that impacts us all. This report presents
insights into 25 significant cyberattacks, breaking down how they happened, the weaknesses they
exploited, and the consequences they brought.

Our aim is simple : to help you understand the world of online threats in plain language. By
examining real-world incidents, we hope to provide practical lessons and foster a proactive mindset
when it comes to cybersecurity. Whether you're a business leader, an IT professional, or just some-
one curious about online security, this report is for you.

In these pages, you won't find complex jargon or technical overload. Instead, you'll discover
stories that shed light on how cyber threats affect us all. Our hope is that this knowledge will
empower you to make informed decisions and better protect your digital life.

As we journey through these stories together, remember that cybersecurity is a shared
responsibility. Your awareness and vigilance are essential in safeguarding our digital world. Thank
you for joining us on this mission.

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