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Threatsploit Adversary Report
Aug 2022

  • Edition-48

  • Updated Date: August 05 , 2022



Can a traditional battle between two armies be transformed into a war between its citizens? Do you know there's a phoney version of WhatsApp circulating the internet that sends malicious links to your phone? Well, these are only a couple of the twenty or so things you should be aware of.

"Hackers must get it right once, and we must get it right every time." This is a well-known slogan in the field of cyber security. We must get it right each and every time. So, in order to be prepared, we must be aware of what is going on around us. We need to know how it impacts us and what treatment options we have.

Not to worry, this month's Threatsploit report is here. This has been a month of ransomware, with hackers encrypting data and demanding a ransom, for example, a new red alert. Small restaurant chains, when not secure, can sometimes undermine what can go wrong. Credit card information from US-based restaurant chains was sold on the dark web. This news shatters the façade of "We are small, thus we are safe."

Ukraine The conflict with Russia is far from over. However, misinformation campaigns are on the rise. Ukraine's radio stations were hacked and taken over. Then, fraudulent messages about their President's illness were broadcast. It was eventually discovered to be false. A doctored video of Ukraine's President's talking head also surfaced a few months ago. Hacking allows hackers to gain access to any system that runs on information.

Outdated, incorrectly set firewalls and anti-virus software can cost you a flood. The Goan government is also a victim of this. They were hacked, and data relating to flood control was stolen. Because Goa floods during the monsoon, it can be fatal.

SEBI is a quasi-governmental organization, and we all expect them to keep information secure. They have valuable financial knowledge because they regulate stock markets and securities. A couple of their employees were phished, and their email addresses were exploited to send emails to unknown senders.

Nobody is secure. Nations, corporations, states, and restaurants Because they all share a common pain point: information. We hope that this reading will help you understand what is going on. It will also assist you in hardening your security procedures.

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