This is your city's Electricity Board's message. You have been billed for Rs XXX. Please pay it by the deadline of XX-XX-XXX. The payment link is provided below. After that, we would be forced to disconnect your connection." What would you do if you received a message like this? You may pay, correct? We all require electricity. The inhabitants of Bengaluru, India's IT powerhouse, did the same thing. Then they realize it was all a sham. We are all vulnerable to such social engineering attacks. As a result, it is preferable that we are well informed about what is going on around us.

Such horrifying next-door incidents are featured in this month's Threatsploit Report for August 2022.>

We all use Fast Tag and recharge it. However, a 34-year-old banker contacted a phoney number and was fooled out of INR 7 lacs. Yes, I am sure she was aware, but the fraudsters took advantage of her at the time.

Rotary International is one of the world's largest humanitarian organizations, assisting millions of people. Many wealthy people donate to charity through Rotary. What would happen if these people's data was leaked? And it happened exactly last month. The manner in which such massive data was leaked is still under investigation. >

A Mumbai-based company was defrauded by a man impersonating a scrap supplier. He then cheated the corporation out of INR 1 crore. This is known as an MITM (Man in the middle attack.