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Threatsploit Adversary Report
Dec 2022

  • Edition-52

  • Updated Date: December 05 , 2022



75 million investor Demat accounts are managed by Mumbai-based CDSL. After NDSL, CDSL is India's second-largest depository. And, what if this repository stands hacked?

There are limitless possibilities for what a hacker can do with such data. The point is why wait till this happens? Why, not take massive action? And, for that, you must be aware of what happened last month in the world of Cybersecurity.

Trains are usually run by the loco pilot or the driver. And, how can these get affected by hackers? Well, that is a thing of the past. In Denmark, Cyberattacks delayed trains. The event reveals how an attack on a third-party IT service provider can cause physical interruption. Many other nations have similar incidents.

After the physical infrastructure, now it’s time for cloud attacks. Dropbox is a well-known name with 700 million users. Hackers grabbed 130 code repositories using employee phishing credentials. Phishing attacks can bypass any security measure.

Since June 2021, the FBI claims the Hive ransomware gang has extorted $100 million from 1,000 companies. FBI said Hive organization will distribute new ransomware payloads on networks of non-paying victims. Most companies will try to clean their systems & get going. But the new payload worsens this further.

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