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Threatsploit Adversary Report July 2019 | Briskinfosec

Cyberattacks, over the course of years haven’t shows any symptoms of declination. They have skyrocketed already and are setting new targets, only to ascend more. This June month was no exception. In this month, cyberattacks have targeted Consumer technology predominantly with cyberattacks on them alone tallying up to 57%. This was tailed by Government sectors (14.3%), Social media, Telecommunication and Healthcare, all three with (7.3%) each. In this description, we’ll reveal you few cyberattack occurrences like

  • MacOS Zero-day allows even the trusted and verified apps to run malicious codes.
  • Ubisoft, a famous gaming company, has been hit by powerful DDoS attacks.
  • Raspberry Pi, a popular hardware was utilized to hack the NASA lab.
  • Amitabh Bachchan, the Bollywood emperor’s twitter account was hacked by Turkish hackers.
  • More than 1,00,000 Australian’s private details was exposed in an attack on Westpac’s PayID.

All these are just some picks presented to you. To know fully, you have all the privileges to read and know it through our report.