A tarnished reputation will remain tarnished for the rest of your life. A significant portion of a company's budget goes toward the development of products and services, but protection for digital assets is sometimes overlooked. This month's Threatsploit Report is one of our favorites yet. This is to keep you safe in your own sphere of influence.

Because of a cyberattack, an airline has been delayed. Is this the only vulnerability, or are there many more? Nobody really anticipates an attack on an airline. No one is safe in today's world. In Japan, the Morinaga chain sells ice cream and confections. Now, you're probably wondering how this relates to hacking. Although their stores were hacked and their data was exposed, this month's news has been dominated by these stories.

An attack on Toyota's plastics supplier, which supplies the automaker, has occurred. These days supply chain has been frequently disrupted by an attack. The supply chain has recently become a popular target for cybercriminals. This month, Japan is making headlines for a number of reasons in cybersecurity domain. Now that Pegasus is eavesdropping on Catalan politicians, he's doing havoc. Even India was rocked many months ago, as well. Ukraine's more than thirty universities have been compromised by the Monday gang. These were the standout attacks from the previous month, which drew the most attention.