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Threatsploit Adversary Report June 2020 | Briskinfosec

Quite a lot of changes are implemented post COVID-19 and now we are right now in a New Normal, where we follow certain rules and are restricted from several things just to be safe. But this is actually tough for few of us and mainly for organizations. Several organizations are currently in a critical situation with so many questions in mind and unable to predict the future, they are still doubtful in making their next move. Organizations are not clear on how they would run their business? How to handle this situation? etc., According to them Work from home has been their new normal, which is the best option picked by various organizations. Even though the decision sounds good, handling a work from home scenario is quite risky.

An organization must be watchful in order to save their data from the hands of several Hackers. Various Cybersecurity issues would arise at this point. According to a Check Point Software & Dimensional Research survey, 71% of IT and security professionals globally report an increase in security threats since the beginning of the pandemic. Check our Threatsploit Report for the month of April 2020 to know more about the threats that took place during this Covid-19 situation.