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Threatsploit Adversary Report April 2020 | Briskinfosec

Threatsploit  report  March  2020,  As  always  we  have  put together few Cyber Attacks of this month. Here we provide you a brief about threats which would make you be aware on how  to  keep  your  data  safe.  So now, ‘COVID-19’  is  really challenging for all key industries to run their business.

According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the corona virus outbreak might cost the global economy $1-2 trillion in2020. This virus not only does damage to human lives but also been used as a trap in IT industry where the hackers use this to hack your data. As mentioned there are several hackers who have used this COVID-19 as a key to unlock few confidential data and have put the IT industry in trouble.

Mostly, they attack the social media accounts and have also accessed information by creating fake Application, Word Document etc., These threats are mentioned in this report in detail. Another big impact is for the employees who work from home where their data is not secured. It is still risky during data transfer. But we would help you out in keeping your data safe and secure wherever you are. we are working hard during these difficulties to keep your data safe.