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Threatsploit Adversary Report Aug 2018 | Briskinfosec

Welcome to the world of our Threatsploit Adversary Report. This report contains the worldwide collection of the most notable cyber breaches occurred in the month of August 2018. The information we’ve collected about the cyberattacks over here are explained in a simple manner. For example, our global collection report contains news like

  • The breaching of 1.4 million patients at UnityPoint, the largest in the history of US.
  • Two major security flaws discovered in UK’s widely used medical devices.
  • Cosmos Bank in India suffered a massive loss of 94 crores due to a malware attack.
  • The Bank of Spain was hit by a severe DDos attack that made its website paralyzed.
  • A whopping sum of 1 million and 264 rubels from a Russian ATM was stolen through hacking.

Well, there are more of such havoc’s in our report. Kindly check it out and make yourself aware against such threats.