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24th December 2020


Dirsearch is Tool that performs bruteforce attack of sensitive directories and files that are found on the websites.

27th November 2020


SecretFinder is a python script to discover sensitive data like api keys, access token, authorizations, jwt,..etc in JavaScript(JS) files. It verifies the files with large regular expression.

18th March 2021


Security Tool For Reconnaissance And Information Gathering On A Website

19th October 2020

Git Scanner Framework to Scan websites with Open .git Repositories

This tool can scan websites with open .git repositories for Bug Hunting...

31st December 2020


RVuln:-- A multi-threaded-vulnerability-scanner written in Rust. Automated #Web Vulnerability Scanner.

18th November 2020

FinalRecon is a fast and simple python script for web reconnaissance

Final Recon follows a modular structure so in future new modules can be added with ease.

27th November 2020

Security Header Check

Shcheck detects which security headers are enabled on certain websites. It just check headers and print a report about which are enabled and which not.

17th November 2020

W9scan Tool Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

W9scan is an excellent Plug-in type web vulnerability scanner that scan the code with the 1200+ built-in plugins...

29th December 2020


Insider tool is secure code reviewer, which exclusively focused on covering the OWASP Top 10, to make source code analysis to find vulnerabilities right in the source code.

31st December 2020


Dex2Jar is an instrument whose primary point is to convert .dex files into jar and smali files. The Dex2jar is mainly used for reverse engineering Android applications.

7th October 2020

CORSY Tool-Opensource CORS Web Vulnerability Scanner

Corsy is a lightweight program that scans for all known misconfigurations in CORS implementations.

9th October 2020

Rapid Scan Tool to Identifies vulnerabilities in web applications

RapidScan is a python based scanning tool used for analyzing vulnerabilities ...

30th March 2021


Tulpar is an open source penetration testing tool that can find web application vulnerabilities.

7th April 2021


CipherScan discovers the SSL ciphersuites supported by the target.

24th March 2021

CLickjacking Tester

A python script designed to check if the website is vulnerable of clickjacking and creates a poc. 

8th October 2020

MobSF-Mobile Security Framework

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is an automated, all-in-one mobile application (Android/iOS/Windows) Static ...

19th October 2020

Legion to Discover Reconnaissance and exploitation of infra systems

Legion is an open source, easy-to-use, super-extensible and semi-automated ...

12th October 2022


A toolkit for testing, tweaking and cracking

12th October 2022


Tool used to scan ports , Brute force protocol Service

3rd August 2022


It performs XSS, SQL Injection, Crawling, Hash Type finding

3rd August 2022


CMS Detection and Exploitation suite - Scan WordPress, Joomla