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RVuln:-- A multi-threaded-vulnerability-scanner written in Rust

Automated #Web Vulnerability Scanner.


  •  Scans for #XSS #vulnerabilities

  •  Multi-threaded scanning

Supported Operating Systems:-

  •  #Ubuntu/ #Debian based OS

  •  #ArchLinux based OS

  •  #Windows 10


Lock image


Debian | Ubuntu | Arch based distributions

  • git clone https://github.com/iinc0gnit0/RVuln

  • curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

  • source $HOME/.cargo/env

  • cd RVuln

  • Debian/Ubuntu based distributions: sudo apt install openssl-dev

  • Arch based distrobutions: sudo pacman -S openssl

  • cargo build --release

  • mv target/release/RVuln .

Windows 10 (won't give you the best experience)

  • Go to the follwoing link to install Rust https://turreta.com/2019/09/06/how-to-install-rust-on-windows-10/

  • Then download the zip https://github.com/iinc0gnit0/RVuln/archive/master.zip and extract it

  • Go to the RVuln directory and use do cargo build --release

  • The executable will be located at target/release/RVuln.exe


Startup the tool

  • ./RVuln

  • You can add this to /usr/bin if you want to access it anywhere

  • Target URL

Full URL without the parameters

Query Parameters

  • Enter the query parameters

  • Put $ where you want the payload to go

  • Example: x=$&y=$&z=$

Path to Wordlist

  • Full path to wordlist

  • Example: /home/inc0gnit0/wordlists/super_awesome_payloads.txt

Verbose Output

  • Verbose on will show every request

  • Verbose off will only show payloads that are potentially vulnerable

Output of the tool