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jadx is a Command line and GUI tools for produce Java source code from Android Dex and Apk files


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Installation :

Note: enure you have installed Java 8 or later 64-bit version.

Download from github

After download unpack zip file and go to bin directory and run:


jadx - command line version

jadx-gui - UI version

On Windows run .bat files with double-click


  • decompile Dalvik bytecode to java classes from APK, dex, aar and zip files

  • decode AndroidManifest.xml and other resources from resources.arsc

  • deobfuscator included

  • view decompiled code with highlighted syntax

  • jump to declaration

  • find usage

  • full text search

For more details : https://github.com/skylot/jadx/wiki/jadx-gui-features-overview