Blazy is a modern login page bruteforcer.


  •  Easy target selections
  •  Smart form and error detection
  •  CSRF CSRF and Clickjacking Scanner
  •  Cloudflare CloudFlare and WAF Detector 90% 90% accurate results
  •  ChecksChecks for login bypass via SQL injection


 Beautiful Soup


Installation Manual  

Step 1: Download or clone the Blazy tool in to your system.

[email protected]:# Download the ZIP file of tool.

Step 2: Navigate in to the tool folder in your system.

[email protected]:#cd Blazy

Step 3: Install the requirements file to run the Blazy tool successfully.

[email protected]:#pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 4: Change the Installation file in to an executable format.

[email protected]:#chmod +777

 Step 5: Run the executable file by specifying your target.

[email protected]:#python

Enter target URL




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