The TIDoS Framework: The Offensive Web Application Penetration Testing Framework.


Tidos-Framework - A complete versatile framework to cover up everything from Reconnaissance to Vulnerability Analysis.


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  • Before installing the tool,the following dependencies must be installed for proper working of the tool

            apt install konsole python python3-pip nmap tor tcpdump

  • Clone the repo from the github

            git clone

  • Browse to the tidos-framework directory and install the requirements

           cd tidos-framework

           pip3 install -r requirements.txt

           pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Tidos has been now installed
  • Run the tidos file using the following command


  • Agree to the terms and condition and enter any username and press enter
  • Press enter for default directory for pathrav module
  • Type "help" to see all the features of the tool
  • Add the target domain using the following command


  • Enter the required parameters and the target will be added
  • Type "list" to find all the modules in the framework
  • Select the module using the following command to list the options available


  •  Load the option using the following command and enter "attack" to execute the action