Scant3r Scans all URLs with multiple HTTP Methods and Tries to look for bugs with basic exploits as XSS - SQLI - RCE - CRLF -SSTI from Headers and URL Parameters By chaining waybackurls or gau with Scant3r you will have more time to look into functions and get Easy bugs on the way :)

This tool is used to detect these type of vulnerabilities

  • Remote Code Execution
  • XSS Reflected
  • Template Injection
  • SQl Injection


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Installation steps

    open your terminal, enter this command

    $ git clone

    $ cd scant3r

    $ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage and options:

  -h, --help                     |    Show help message and exit

  --version                     |    Show program's version number and exit

  -u URL, --url=URL      |    Target URL (e.g."")

  --data=DATA               |    Data string to be sent through POST (e.g. "id=1")

  --list=FILE                    |    Get All Urls from List

  --threads                     |    Max number of concurrent HTTP(s) requests (default 10)

  --timeout                    |    Seconds to wait before timeout connection

  --proxy                        |    Start The Connection with http(s) proxy

  --cookies                    |    HTTP Cookie header value (e.g. "PHPSESSID=a8d127e..")

  --encode                    |    How Many encode the payload (default 1)

  --allow-redirect        |    Allow the main redirect

  --user-agent              |    add custom user-agent

  --scan-headers         |    Try to inject payloads in headers not parameters (user-agent,referrer)

  --skip-headers          |    Skip The Headers scanning processe

  --sleep                       |    Sent one request after some Seconds

  --module                   |    add custom module (e.g. "")

  --debug                     |    Debugging Mood