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FridaLoader is an Android app to setup frida and launch in quick way. It download and launch the latest version of Frida server based on the architecture of the Genymotion/AVD Emulator and Rooted Android Physical Devices.


Download the APK file directly from the release link:

Install the apk file via adb

  •  adb install FridaLoader.apk


Lock image


Usage :

Before starting the app, make sure the below things are done:

  • Make sure your emulator/device is connected to the Internet when using FridaLoader. Disable any intermediate MITM proxies.
  • Make sure grant root access to FridaLoader and adb shell during first launch.

Note: Does not support default Google Android emulator that comes with Android SDK out of the box. Requires the Google Android emulator to be rooted.

After that, follow the app instructions to install the new frida-server or starting/stoping the frida.