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Cyber Security Products Vs Cyber Security Services | Briskinfosec

Cyber Security Products Vs Cyber Security Services

Information has become the most valuable asset in today’s trend. There are many protective methods that are followed by many countries and organizations for ensuring consistent workflow.


  • Introduction
  • Cyber Security Products
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Why We Need To Compare Cyber Security Product and Cyber Security Services?
  • Conclusion
  • How Briskinfosec helps you?
  • Curious to read our case studies?
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Cyberattacks have become more frequent in today’s generation. The critical environment is the highly targeted area for attackers. Organisations must consider their protection in order to avoid critical breaches. There are certain attack categories. They are:

  • Common Attacks: These type of attacks are driven by the naive attackers, whom can exploit the environment using known vulnerabilities, and also the attacking tools which are publicly available in the market for free.
  • Advanced Attacks: These type of attacks are done by expert attackers, exploiting complex environment and sometimes the “ZERO-DAY” vulnerabilities using advance tools and methods.
  • Emerging Attacks: These type of attacks are performed by expert attackers. Here, the attackers try to research new vulnerabilities of the environment and exploit the environment with developed tools.

Every company must take the responsibility of securing the exposed vulnerabilities. For that, organisations must follow the best cyberattack mitigations, based on the products and services tested in the environment.

Cyber Security Products

Will Cyber security products make your environment more secure?

It doesn’t matter how much an organisation is investing on the security products, still it’s vulnerable to attacks. Sometimes, it can even be a small virus that can easily disrupt the best security of your environment, or also help attackers to insert the backdoor that compromises the personal data of organisations. Till now, there aren’t any cyber security products that can stop the cyber threats and vulnerabilities completely.

Have you chosen the right cyber security product for your environment?

Dexterous cyber security products will be the right ones for your organisation to add to your cyber security portfolio. It’s a hard decision to choose the right product that can make organisations more resilient. ‘Resilience’ means not only to stop the external threats, but also it helps to minimize the impacts of the successful attack.

Now-a-days, email threats have become more common as the attackers try to get the information, or host session by sending the malware through phishing mails. In that case, when the attacker sends malware through a mail to an organisation, the cyber security products won’t recognize it until the malicious malware has been updated in the vendor’s databases. It acts as a static analysis to the environment.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber security services offer a wide range of solutions to defend the infrastructure within the organization. Cybersecurity assessments are done by the security engineers, performing both static and dynamic based testing, in the testing environment. There are various types of testing done in cybersecurity services. They are:

Audit Stages:

Security audit is a manual or systematic based assessment of infrastructure and application environment.  Manual assessments include interviewing staff, vulnerability scanning’s, logs and codes reviewing, security controls in host systems, and physical accesses.


DoS (Denial of Service) attack is used to make a host or network resource unavailable to their users. This attack is done from a single attacker. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is used to attack using two or more attacking computers from different environment to shut down the target with huge traffic. Large scale DDos attacks are often performed by botnets which gathers the infected computers and participates in the attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning:

It’s a process that’s intended to identify the risks and possible attacks, exposed in the host environment. Typically, it’s a part of automation testing tools, helping testers to scan the environment and detect the loopholes, and in providing the final report of the host environment to the testers. It also provides the remediation to possible weakness before it’s exploited. This type of assessment, along with the management program, will assist companies to improve the security of their systems.

Social Engineering:

These type of attacks are referred to the psychological manipulation of people’s mind and making them to expose their confidential data. In simple words, it’s a type of conjuring deed done for the purpose of information gathering and host access. In other terms, it’s another one like ‘scamming and phishing attack’.

Web Security:

Organizations need a web application scanning solution that can scan for security loopholes in web-based applications. It would prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to corporate information and data. Web applications have become one of the weakest environment to blow down organization’s reputation. Now-a-days, security engineers try to exploit and patch up the possible ways in web applications to prevent from further attacks. In security assessments, it can be done by both static and dynamic analysis.

Why We Need To Compare Cyber Security Products And Cyber Security Services?

Cybersecurity services are simulated in real-time cyberattack and it is performed and certified by the security professionals, whether the environment is secured or not. It involves the breaching of the hosted systems and network devices manually. This type of assessment helps the professionals to identify the exact loopholes and threats, and also it prevents from false positive vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity products also does the same type of scanning techniques in all the environment. It detects the vulnerabilities which are updated in the database by the vendor, else the threats remain undetected. Compared to services, the products help to prevent from unwanted traffics like implementing the firewalls and other software security products.


Is one better than the other? No. Both cybersecurity services and cybersecurity products are equally important components for the organisations, having their own benefits and value additions. It will be detrimental to choose one over the other.

Cyber Quote On Cyber Process

Cyber Quote On Security Services

How Briskinfosec helps you?

With regards to devices/tools:

Briskinfosec has created an own tool called as ANSE (Advanced Nmap Scripting Engine). It’s a scanner that helps in doing successful security assessments, alongside the usage of automated and manual scanners. Don’t panic, it’s completely free of cost. Further, we also have our own MAST-NCDRC (Mobile Application Security Testing-National Cyber Defence and Research Centre). It is used for mobile application security assessment, officially released by NCDRC.  

With regards to services:

Briskinfosec provides competent cybersecurity services to all its clients. Our security services encompass various significant sectors like Network, Web, Mobile, Database, Wireless, Docker and much more. With a decade experience and humongous assessments in cybersecurity sector, our security services will enamour you for sure.

Curious to read our case studies?

Haven’t you read our case studies yet? Our case studies reveal you the brilliant strategy we executed in successfully eradicating the client side vulnerabilities. Take a look at them now.    

Last but not the least:

It’s best to fetch and drink water from a water bottle, rather from a glass. The prime reason is convenience, as we can drink from a bottle, whenever we want. If glass, it gets exhausted too soon and must be fetched again and again. Undoubtedly, the former is awesome while the latter is tiresome.

Similar for cyberattacks. Instead of looking here and there for acknowledging the recent and important cyberattacks, its best to read our Threatsploit Adversary report, which contains not only the various cyberattacks but, its impacts, the losses faced by the companies, and much more. Just one click on our report, you’ll get the best at ease.

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