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Cloud Security And The Best Ways To Secure It From Breaches | Briskinfosec

Cloud Security And The Best Ways To Secure It From Breaches


  • Starting your journey to cloud services
  • What is a cloud service?
  • Why to have a cloud service?
  • What’s a data breach and how it happens in cloud?
  • What’re some of the best possible ways to prevent data breaches in cloud?
  • Conclusion 
  • How Briskinfosec can help you?  
  • Curious to read our case study?
  • Last but not the least
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Starting your journey to cloud services: 

In this digital era, organizations are building their infrastructures and running their services in the cloud environment. As cloud services have a lot of advantages, the corporates integrate their new technologies more effectively into the cloud environment. Despite these, when it comes to security, danger is no stranger here due to it’s public accessibility.

Over the recent years, the usage of cloud services had catapulted and plenty of information is being stored in the cloud environment. But parallelly, cloud based cyberattacks have also increased. 

What is a cloud service?

Cloud service is an online service that’s provided for users and clients to run and maintain their data and services in a portable environment. It’s functionalities include providing customized online access to applications, resources and services that’re managed by the cloud service providers.  

Why to have a cloud service?

For business needs, cloud environment is more useful for users due to the friendliness and the easiness to access data securely from anywhere. The working environment is ideal and during disaster phase, recovery for organizations in order to back up all their hosted information is easier. One major benefit of cloud environment is it’s very flexible and people can scale up or scale down their storage capacity depending on their needs.

What’s a data breach and how it happens in cloud?

Data breach means gaining an illegal access into a target’s security environment and exposing significant information publicly. This obviously affects the company’s/individual’s reputation and destroys their customers hard earned trust. Data breaches in cloud happen predominantly due to

  • Usage of default and weak password
  • Ignoring to download the right software patches
  • Improper security mis-configurations
  • Falling to luring social engineering tricks

Through one of these naïve attributes, attackers can gain access to the sensitive files and records and can compromise it. Most importantly, data breaches also happen due to the inadvertent errors of employees.

What’re some of the best possible ways to prevent data breaches in cloud?

Some of the best possible ways to prevent data breaches in cloud are:

  • Implementing an API based Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Performing auditing and monitoring on a regular basis  
  • Ensuring to encrypt data 
  • Maintaining a proper disaster recovery plan
  • Every employee contributing to cloud security

Implementing an API Based Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB):

Implementing an API based CASB effectively protects your cloud data access and secures you from data breaches. CASB helps to implement the security policies between organization’s infrastructure and cloud providers infrastructure by processes like authorization, authentication, credential mapping and tokenization. This in turn, helps to prevent data disaster. CABS have become like the essential components for organizations to ensure security and policies with end users who’re accessing public cloud resources.

Auditing and monitoring:

Both the incoming and outgoing traffic must be monitored regularly. Auditing is important for security as it checks the networks, identifies and traces if there’s any unauthorized access. Through this, we can understand about the user and gain a clear picture on what are the networks and devices that’re accessing the cloud.

Ensuring to encrypt data:

Encryption plays a major role in securing data. Unfortunately, when the data is leaked or exposed publicly but if it’s encrypted, then the attacker can’t easily compromise it because of the unreadable format. Henceforth, the data that’s transferred over the network and when stored in the cloud should be encrypted. Moreover, every digital sector must implement this to maintain their data securely on the cloud. 

Disaster recovery plan: 

This recovery plan protects organizations from data loss and helps them to recover from data breaches. This is done by taking backups of all their records thereby helping organizations to overcome the data loss, even when breached.

Every employee contributing to cloud security:

This is a huge misconception that should be abolished completely. People think that just because they’ve hosted their data on cloud platforms, they have no need to worry about it’s security. They assume that cloud security is the sole responsibility of the cloud provider. But, this isn’t the truth. Cloud security is always a shared responsibility and everyone who host their data on cloud should have a consistent eye over it.


Each and every day, at least 100 organizations from somewhere in this earth face threats in their cloud environment. There isn’t just one gateway for security vulnerabilities to strike your cloud environment. There are countless ways for attacks to slump your cloud security and cause data breaches. Hence, a proper security assessment on your cloud environment must be done regularly to stay protected against cyber threats and breaches.

How Briskinfosec can help you?

Briskinfosec has a well experienced team of security professionals skilled in providing exquisite cloud security assessments. We effectively monitor your cloud security environment consistently in order to identify the incoming and outgoing traffic and block the networks (Blacklisting), when found to be suspicious. Further, we also provide practical demonstrations of the real time scenarios of cloud related vulnerabilities, helping you to gain more awareness and educating you to be more secure towards such threats.

Curious to read our case study?

One of our esteemed clients, being one of the nation’s leading agency for food and non-food manufacturers asked us to perform a security assessment on their cloud security environment. Without delaying, we initiated the process of security assessment on their cloud surface. Shockingly, we identified that so many vulnerabilities were lurking in their cloud environment. We showcased those, eliminated them and gave them lucrative insights on the best ways to be safe against such in future. Please feel free to check out our case study. 

Last but not the least:

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