Anna University Event

Event Date: 06/16/2022


"I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think." - Socrates

Yes, we did the same thing on the campus of Anna University. This is one of the biggest technological university in India. This university is in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu at Chennai. Students with great grades alone lands up here. And we were honoured when Anna University asked us to run a workshop there. Anna University is one of the best technical education universities. This workshop, called Hacxygen, was put together for the departmental festival. Students from all over the state came to this event. There are people coming from Coimbatore and Salem. We set up for some of our best engineers to talk at the workshop. The fact that people showed up showed how interested they were. A lot of people took part. We put more emphasis on understanding and showing what we knew.

We gave them enough information to get them interested in Cybersecurity.

In the first half, there was an introduction and basic information. The demos were the focus of the second half. We showed them how someone can get into their social media accounts. We showed them how to get into their phone cameras. They couldn't believe what could be done. At the end, we made sure they knew what this workshop was all about. We're here to help and keep you safe. At the end of the workshop, the faculty gave us each a trophy as a reward. Overall, we taught them the most and made them better Internet citizens.We look forward for many more engagements with such educational institutions.