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ANSE Scanner

ANSE (Advanced Nmap scripting engine) Scanner is a tool developed mainly for creating awareness to cybersecurity folks,for utilizing Nmap (NSE scripts) completely and also to help them understand about every NSE script purpose.


BIMOS was created to provide the most comfortable testing environment for security researchers, pen-testers and for developers who are interested in mobile app security.

BNPT Docker For Penetration Testing

Basically, Docker is a platform for container management. BNPT (Brisk Network Penetration Tester) Docker is an open source docker image that’s created, developed and offered to the Global Cybersecurity Community by the security professionals of Briskinfosec.

BWPT Docker

Briskinfosec has integrated various open-source tools to assess the security status of both your websites and web applications. BWPT Docker stands for Brisk Web Penetration Tester Docker tool.

Briskinfosec Pentest Toolkit (BPT)

Briskinfosec Pentest Toolkit (BPT) is a powerful and automated security assessment toolkit. BPT is pioneering techniques that helps penetration testers to automate the attack surfaces.

ALPHA - Source Code Audit tool

Briskinfosec's Alpha is a Source Code Auditing Tool that offers contemporary security to your applications. Alpha is capable of identifying 500+ application vulnerabilities in all categories of severity (critical, high, medium, low and informational).