Our Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant service provides your organization with a high level IT security and compliance consultant who serves as your organization’s trusted advisor. The virtual security team combines the flexibility of an outside consultant with a dedicated, named individual who can get to know your staff, your network, and your policies.


There are now many aspects to Information Security to be considered while running a business from security to compliance requirements, such as advice on best practices and technical assistance.
Many companies that are developing their business day to day, are struggling to keep up with the pace of change and do not have the resources or the budget to employ the security expertise required. In such cases a virtual security team may be the apt answer. The virtual team integrates with your existing operation and provides pre-determined security skills, knowledge and experience.


  • Initial security assessment
  • Strategic plan including agreed-upon objectives
  • Ad-hoc advice and guidance
  • Proactive risk management
  • Information security audit planning
  • Security incident management
  • Serves on organizations governance / steering committee
  • Telephone and email support when not on-site
  • Monthly security management report


  • Reduced staffing costs
  • World-class, independent, expert advice
  • Immediate, on-demand access to security staff
  • Agility to upsize or downsize your resource investment
  • Dedicated virtual personnel allowing continuity of support for your business
  • On-premises visits when required


Will Brisk Infosec Virtual Security Team benefit your company? 
Brisk Infosec brings clarity to your GRC confusion and overwork. Using our groundbreaking automation tool, our consultants can quickly query your front-line stakeholders to discover the maturity of existing processes. A summary of findings will highlight specific areas that can benefit from ongoing or periodic management by Brisk Infosec virtual security team. 
What is the cost of GRC as a service? 
Our clients range from Top-10 private corporations to midsize companies balancing multiple cyber threats and regulatory pressures. The cost of outsourcing security and compliance management is directly proportional to the number of applications and business goals you bring to the table. Service by Brisk Infosec team can be billed on a monthly or quarterly basis under a minimum 12-month agreement.
How long is the BRISK INFOSEC Service Warranty?
Our warranty is very simple: Try a Brisk Infosec virtual team solution for three months and if you like the benefits, we ask for a 12-month commitment. Why that duration? Due to the complexities of automating your processes into our platform, an engagement shorter than 12 months may not produce long-term measurable ROI for your organization.