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Threatsploit Report

Threatsploit Adversary Report July 2021

02-07-2021     Edition-35

Welcome to the Threatsploit report of July 2021 covering some of the important cybersecurity events, incidents and exploits that occurred this month.

Threatsploit Adversary Report June 2021

02-06-2021     Edition-34

Welcome to the Threatsploit Report of June 2021 covering some of the important cybersecurity events, incidents and exploits that occurred this month.

Threatsploit Adversary Report May 2021

03-05-2021     Edition-33

Welcome to the Threatsploit report of May 2021 covering some of the important cybersecurity events, incidents, and exploits that occurred this month.

Threatsploit Adversary Report April 2021

01-04-2021     Edition-32

Welcome to latest edition Threatsploit by Briskinfosec Technology. This edition of the Threatsploit accounts for significant cyber-security incidents across

Latest Blogs

Beware of NetWire RAT Malware spread via Microsoft Excel 4.0 Macro

Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft that features calculation, graphing tools and macro program language

Will your backups protect you against ransomware?

In this Digital world everything is information, so called data. If you don’t protect these data in the backup then business would fail. Those backups will help in case of disaster

10 Most Important Things to secure your Healthcare applications

The health care or medical industry is extremely important which has different components including hospitals, doctors...

Best of IT defenses cannot protect you

An Organization can protect their digital assets, which are production systems, servers; several network devices and so on, by implementing firewalls

Handling cybersecurity in Agile product development lifecycle

Many of us think that developing an agile model requires lot of time and resources.Even in Today’s virtual world after this pandemic, many companies try to face issues...

Cyber Awareness



Nascent Notions On Serverless Computing


The most fascinating thing about technology is that, it never stops growing. It stuns people each and every time with its new inventions. One such feat of technology is Serverless computing. It’s an emerging trend in the town and has been attaining a mass attention over a past couple of years.

Comprehensive Guide On Network Security


Welcome to the world of 'network security' which is an unavoidable term in cybersecurity. This white paper of Network security encompasses the most significant and predominantly used networking security concepts which are highly important for maintaining your network environment secure.

Briskinfosec Pentest Toolkit


Briskinfosec Pentest Toolkit (BPT) is a powerful and automated security assessment toolkit. BPT is pioneering techniques that helps penetration testers to automate the attack surfaces. Unlike other Pentest Frameworks, BPT focuses on major domains and tool flexibility.

The Future Is Blockchain Era


In recent times, there’s been a lot of mass traction and crazy talk that is going about the digital currency community. Many of the leading Organizations are experimenting with Blockchain Technology.

Press Release

Briskinfosec Recognized as The Most Renowned Brands-2020 by TLG

This is two years in a row now and we are one step ahead from last year. THE LEADERS GLOBE One of the World’s leading magazine has honoured ‘BRISKINFOSEC’ as “THE MOST RENOWNED BRANDS-2020” Recognizing our works in UNCOVERING INTELLIGENT SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR NEXT GENERATION NETWORKS.

Earlier One Among Top 20; Now, One Among Top 10!

We Briskinfosec, the company who were earlier listed in 2018 as one among the top 20 most promising cybersecurity providers by the CIO review

Trending Services

Web Application Security

Web App Security Assessment has become a core requirement for any organization’s testing strategy. The risk factors for applications are many and is continually growing day by day.

Mobile App Security

Briskinfosec mobile application security testing solution discovers, expedites and alleviates the malicious and potentially risky actions in your mobile applications on both Android/IOS.

Thick Client Security

Organizations underestimate the importance of thick client application security assessment, leaving all the related concerns in the responsibility of the software publishers.

Secure Source Code

Source Code review discovers hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws and verifies if key security controls are implemented. Briskinfosec provides Secure Code Review audits and the source code for an application to verify.

ZTF Assessment

ZeroTrust framework is a security concept centered on the belief that organization should not automatically trust anything inside and outside. ZTF pushes organizations to make layered security approach.

Network Security

Network penetration testing will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers with possibilities for systems and networks compromises.We are identifying unauthorized access to sensitive data.


When you think Cybersecurity, it has to be Briskinfosec. They work in a very professional manner and go beyond your expectations. They are really flexible and do not stick to just the scope of work, but deliver beyond it

SPI Global

Briskinfosec staffs during mobile security testing ostentated the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. They were able to provide the needed solution for every concern we’ve identified related to security issues. The kind of service that they offer catapults them to a glory where many can’t even be compared, truly. Many security companies with time sway but, Briskinfosec is here to make a remarkable stay!


I would surely recommend Briskinfosec without hesitation after the kind of lucrative service they gave for sorting out vulnerabilities in thick client applications. During the time of service, the quality has always been prompt and efficient. With pride, I recommend Briskinfosec to other companies with complacency.

Act Fibernet

There were problems persisting in many of our company’s web application which obfuscated the progress and processes of us. After hiring Briskinfosec, those threats were eliminated through their effective testing techniques and standards. The kind of service they offer is truly a unique kind and we are truly elated to have them as one of our blessed find.

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