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3rd August 2022


GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries

3rd August 2022


File Inclusion & Directory Traversal fuzzing

29th July 2022


Vulmap Online Local Vulnerability Scanners Project

29th July 2022


Domain name permutation engine for detecting homograph phishing attacks

29th July 2022


Cross Site "Scripter" (aka XSSer) is an automatic -framework- to detect

29th July 2022

Malicious PDF

Skull Generate a bunch of malicious pdf files with phone-home functionality.

29th July 2022

Reccoon Scanner

Raccoon is a tool made for reconnaissance and information gathering with an emphasis on simplicity

28th July 2022


Scilla is a information gathering tool (DNS/Subdomain/Port Enumeration).

20th November 2020


Web Scanner - Exploitation - Information Gathering

24th December 2020


Weevely is a web shell designed for post-exploitation purposes that can be extended over the network at runtime.Upload weevely PHP agent to a target web server to get

20th November 2020

The TIDoS Framework: The Offensive Web Application Penetration Testing Framework.

A complete versatile framework to cover up everything from Reconnaissance...

9th June 2021


peepdf is a Python tool to explore PDF files in order to find out if the file can be harmful or not

9th June 2021

Network Spoofing

Network Spoofing is a simple website hacking tool which can scan a website and can also perform attack using this tool.

8th June 2021


ParamSpider a parameter discovery suite. It finds parameters from web archives of the entered domain

8th June 2021


A pentesting tool designed to assist with finding all sinks and sources of a web application

8th June 2021


SUDO_KILLER is a tool that can be used for privilege escalation on linux environment by abusing SUDO in several ways

8th June 2021

Frida IPA And iOS Dump

Frida IPA/iOS dump is an instrument whose primary point is to download IPA files from an jailbroken device

20th May 2021


WhatWaf is an advanced firewall detection tool which works by detecting a firewall on a web application.

20th May 2021


Web Application Vulnerability Scanners are automated tools that scan web applications.

20th May 2021


A bash script to bypass "403 Forbidden" responses with well-known methods discussed in #bugbountytips

19th May 2021


karen is tools for web application vulnerability scanner build in python3