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Remediation verification solution validates whether the identified vulnerabilities have been successfully remediated. Our solution facilitates independent confirmation about corrective measures being implemented for preventing exploitation.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mitigation Suggestment
  • Mitigation Deployment

Why do we need to use remediation verification check ?

Performing a proper security assessment provides an organization with the information they need to know such as their weaknesses, on how to address each vulnerability, and in facilitating remediation actions immediately.

  • Have you mitigated successfully?
    Remediation verification re-assessment focuses in alleviating each vulnerability to answer the essential question: Is that vulnerability fixed?

  • Answer Audits with proof:
    Auditors, Regulators, and other third parties regularly seek confirmation that independent verification was performed by someone other than the individual who implemented the fixes and produced a deliverable, confirming the remediation was successful.

  • Standards
  • Benefits
  • Why choose Briskinfosec?
  • PCI DSS Security Standards
  • SANS
  • PTES
  • NIST
  • Remediation verification test is an act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake and set it right
  • By, this process it will be helpful for the respective company to take steps to remediate any exploitable vulnerability within a reasonable period after the original penetration test/security test.
  • The remediation test will be conducted three weeks after the original pentest.
  • This process is helpful for the developers to fix the issue in a short span of time.
  • Briskinfosec has the experience to ensure best remediation activities which were highly successful in achieving the intended result of corrective efforts.
  • Briskinfosec leverages industry standard methodologies to provide a thorough and comprehensive test that is conducted under safe and controlled conditions.


  • You work with the company who won the “Indian Book Of Records” and who is also listed as one in the “Top 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Service Provider 2018”.
  • We have been empanelled as ISO27001:2015 certified organization.
  • We have been empanelled with Axcelos Global Best Practice consultants as an organization that has always met the international standard based cyber security process and requirements in time.
  • We, at Briskinfosec, use our own created tools along with advanced manual tests and automated vulnerability scans, to ensure all critical vulnerabilities are identified.

Apart from this:

  • You receive a simple assessment that applies to your business and the relevant threats, not a general evaluation of theoretical risks.
  • You work with qualified consultants experienced in providing Remediation Verification services and solutions.
  • You receive a clear report that prioritizes the relevant risks to your organization so that you can remedy any vulnerabilities.