Web applications are one of the most significant points of vulnerability in organisations today. Most organisations have web applications and thus the vulnerabilities associated with them. Web application flaws have resulted in the theft of millions of credit cards, major financial losses and damaged reputations for hundreds of enterprises. The number of computers compromised by visiting websites (altered by attackers) is too high to count. This certification measures an individual’s understanding of web application exploits and penetration testing methodology to cover up the loop holes your web applications before someone else takes advantage of them.


  • Professionals working on web application technology and seeking to enhance their website with security features
  • Professionals who are seeking a career change to Web penetration testing.
  • Professionals seeking career growth with Web penetration testing.
  • Students who want to start their career in Web application security (we recommend them to learn Brisk Information security Expert (BISE) and basics on web applications)
  • Professionals who are passionate in Web penetration testing


  • To provide training relating to the live Web application testing projects
  • Train in a ready to learn comfortable environment
  • Instruction by Web penetration Security expert and Interact with them relating the queries
  • We do One to One training to better understanding and approach
  • Get hands-on labs, industry oriented tools
  • Results-oriented course contents
  • Choose from Day, Evening & Weekend Classes to meet your busy schedule


  • Knowledge on linux and Windows is recommended
  • Knowledge on HTML, SQL, Java script and python
  • Basic knowledge on Networking
  • Knowledge on Web Application
  • Knowledge on Information security



What is the duration of BWPT course?
The duration of BWPT is 50 hours.
What is the exam duration for BWPT course?
The duration of BISE is 8 hours.
Who should take BWPT course?
BWPT course is for pen-testers who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of web application security.


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