The BNPT certification is for security personnel whose responsibilities involve assessing target networks and systems to find security vulnerabilities. This certification is specially designed for network security experts. BNPT will cover all network based security solutions from a hacker’s perspective.


  • Professionals working on NOC, Network domain as Network professionals and seeking to enhance their network with security features
  • Folks who are passionate in network penetration testing
  • Experts seeking career growth with Network penetration testing.
  • Students who want to start their career in Network application security ( we recommend them to learn Basic Info security Expert and basics on Network)
  • Professionals who are seeking for career change to Network penetration testing


  • To train relating to live Network testing projects
  • Get hands-on labs, industry oriented tools and methods of utilisation
  • Instruction by Network penetration Security expert and Interact with them relating the queries
  • We do One to One training to better understanding and approach
  • Results-oriented course contents for professional growth
  • Choose from Day, Evening & Weekend Classes to meet your busy schedule
  • Train in a ready to learn comfortable environment


  • Knowledge on Linux and Windows is recommended
  • Basics of  Networking is recommended
  • Understanding of Information security
  • Knowledge on SQL basic



What is the need to perform a penetration test against your organisation?
Organisations are being digitalized and it’s important to determine where vulnerabilities lie and make your systems more secure to avoid digital data loss or financial crises.
Is the penetration test required for a specific compliance requirement?
Brisk Infosec recommends penetration test for all compliance implemented in any organisation and we do support compliance like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPPA Etc.,
When does the customer want the active portions (scanning, enumeration, exploitation, etc…) of the penetration test conducted? During business hours? After business hours? On the weekends?
The Best practices are to conduct penetration tests after business hours or Nonbusiness hours because these tests should not affect the business of the organisation.
Are there any devices in place that may impact the results of a penetration test such as a firewall, intrusion detection/prevention system, web application firewall, or load balancer?
It may cause but the main functionality of penetration test is to bypass firewall, intrusion detection/prevention system, web application firewall, or load balancer and again admin privilege.
How can many total IP addresses be tested?
It completely depends on the client and their requirement of the penetration test on their organization.


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